A La Carte


detox water $20

lime, lemon, and  mint infused water 2 gallons 


house lemonade $25

fresh squeezed lemons 2 gallons


strawberry lemonade $30 

fresh squeezed lemons and strawberry puree 2 gallons 


sweet tea $25 

georgia sweet tea fresh brew 2 gallons 


assorted juices, water, sparkling water, & canned soda $1.25


All brunch items feed up to 15


sweet cream pancakes $65  

buttermilk pancakes with sweet whipped cream and fresh berries. 


brioche french toast $60 

brioche french toast, fresh berries & sweet cream. 


breakfast potatoes $50 

 golden potatoes, onion and peppers. 

tofu scramble $65 

very veggie tofu scramble topped with vegan cheese 


waffles $65 

 vanilla waffles with fresh berries and sweet cream 


fried chicken and waffles $85

 crispy southern fried chicken and vanilla waffles, syrup & sweet butter. 


veggie frittata $45

fresh in season vegetables shredded & shredded cheese. 


shrimp & grits $85

 creamy cheddar grits and a cajun cream sauce.


salmon croquettes $70

hand made and cooked golden brown 24 

creamy grits $40

 creamy grits with sharp cheddar cheese. 


crispy bacon slices $45

Fresh slab plant based , pork, beef, or turkey bacon 

roasted sausage links $45

plant based, beef, pork or turkey breakfast sausage


farm fresh scrambled eggs $45

creamy farm eggs with cheddar cheese. 


fruit kabobs $60

 fresh fruit with honey mint dressing.


 salads & sandwiches 

candied BLGT $55 (12)

brown sugar candied bacon, swiss cheese, fried green tomatoes, crisp lettuce, herd mayo, sourdough. 


chicken caesar wrap $55 (12)

grilled chicken breast, homemade dressing, sundried tomato wrap. 


turkey club $65 (12)

roasted turkey breast, cucumber, beef steak tomatoes, arugula, roast red bell peppers, pepper jack, sundried tomato pesto, ciabatta roll. 


crispy tofu club $65 (12)

cucumber, beef steak tomatoes, arugula, roast red bell peppers, chickpea ranch, ciabatta roll. 


chicken caesar salad $55 (half) $75 (full)

grilled chicken, crisp romaine, house caesar, croutons, shaved parmesan, candied pine nuts, cherry tomatoes. 

strawberry & spinach $55 (half) $75 (full) 

crisp spinach, crumbled blu cheese, strawberries, candied bacon, balsamic & olive oil dressing. 

mango strawberry $55 (half) $75 (full)

crisp spinach, mango, strawberry, sliced almonds tossed in a light apple vinaigrette.

chef salad $55 (half) $75 (full)

fresh mixed greens, plump tomatoes, crisp cucumber, red onion, shredded carrot, and two dressings  


dinner rolls $15 (1 dozen) fresh salted butter 

honey butter croissants $15 (1 dozen)

cheddar jalapeno cornbread $30 half $60 (full)



mac and cheese $65 (half) $105 (full)

creamy classic baked mac and cheese


slow cooked southern greens $65 (half) $105 (full)

hand picked collard, cabbage, mustard & turnip slow cooked with turkey and holy trinity 


candied yams $55 (half) $95 (full) cooked

brown sugar cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, topped with burled marshmallows 

string beans $55 (half) $95 (full)

hand picked green beans tossed in lemon, garlic, and honey 


corn on the cob $55 (half) $95 (full)

sweet corn boiled in milk, honey, and sugar 


broccolini $65 (half) $ 105 (full)

sautéed in butter and garlic


asparagus $65 (half) $105 (full)

roasted with olive oil, lemon, and garlic 


garlic mashed potatoes $55 (half) $95 (full)

roasted garlic mashed


parmesan risotto $65 (half) $105 (full)

white wine, asiago, and truffle oil


slaw braised cabbage $55 (half) $ 5 (full)

with the holy trinity and turkey 


fried brussel sprouts $65 (half) $105 (full)

balsamic, bacon, and gorgonzola 

pasta salad $65 (half) $105 (full)

plant based or traditional 

potato salad $65 (half) $105 (full) 

granny's secret recipe 

baked beans $65 (half) $105 (full) 

vegetarian baked beans w/ ground turkey

cornbread dressing $65 (half) $105 (full)

choice of chicken or hen 


cajun pasta $105 (half)  $175 (full)

grilled chicken, shrimp, sausage, bell peppers, onion, garlic, white wine cajun cream sauce.


seafood lasagna $205 (full)

mixed seafood, white wine cream sauce, sundried tomato pesto, and garlic spinach 

rasta pasta $105 (half) $175 (full)

jerk alfredo with your choice of chicken, shrimp, steak (+30), or oxtail (+40)


lobster mac and cheese $205 (full) 

white béchamel, green onions, and herb bread crumbs 


eggplant or turkey bolognese $65 (half) $105 (full)

slow cooked eggplant stewed in fresh garlic basil tomato sauce


smoked or herb crusted lamb chops (half/full) *pricing varies*

 herb marinated lamb chops served with red wine honey glaze 


golden fried catfish or whiting $140 (half) $280 (full)

 crispy cornmeal fried fish

smoked pork ribs $110 (half) $220 (full)

sweet heat smoked to perfection with house bbq sauce

smoked beef ribs $140 (half) $260 (full)

sweet heat smoked to perfection with house bbq sauce 


smoked burgers $85 (half) $160 (full)

beef, impossible, or turkey fully loaded 

golden fried, smoked, or baked chicken $110 (half) $220 full 

 cajun crispy fried chicken

smoked or pan seared Stuffed salmon $160 (half) $280 (full)

 sun dried tomato pesto, herb bread crumbs, and garlic lemon cream sauce 


smoked or cajun pan seared salmon $120 (half) $240 (full)

cajun season, butter, lemon, and white wine garlic cream sauce 


red wine braised short rib $160  (half) $320 (full)

slow cooked spiced short ribs 


caribbean oxtail $160 (half) $320 (full)

 Caribbean spice slow cooked 


blackened, sautéed, or smoked jumbo shrimp $120 (half) $240 (full)

 garlic butter & white wine 

grandma's pot roast $160 (half) $320 (full)

slow cooked chuck roast with carrots and potatoes 


lobster tail $400 (20) garlic white wine butter

Plant based & vegetarian options available upon request.